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    • "Thank-you so much to both of you, for all your hard work we had a fantastic day and you played a big part in that. We really can't wait to see the photos!"

      Abby Barham

    • "I speak on behalf of both of us when I say how comfortable you both made us feel on the day. The pictures you have taken of us and our guests are remarkable, and show just how discreet you were in capturing some truly special moments of our big day. We cannot thank you enough. I also really appreciate the effort you went to, taking on board my suggestion about having some more unusual and quirky photographs. I love the scrabble photos especially."

      Helen O'Tool

    • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for the spectacular wedding album we just received so promptly. Everything about it is incredible. The quality of the photos, the thickness of the pages, the cover and the general presentation are totally beyond what either Sian or I expected. We're truly thankful for all your hard work and delighted with the images."

      Alan George

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